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Fred Finds Rides Powersports Blog

Our content crew is dedicated to bringing you the most relevant, up-to-date information in the motorcycle and powersports world. Providing top tier tips and tricks, buyers guides and a complete financing masterclass, our team will ensure you have all of the right tools to get the best deals and ensure your purchase is up to date. Explore the sections below:

Powersports Buyers Guides

Motorcycle Buyers Guides

In this blog post, we go over some tips and tricks to help you make an informed decision when shopping for that perfect ride without getting burned!

Part one of our coverage of common KIJIJI scams to watch out for. In this post we look at different classified scams that are aimed to take advantage of you.

Part two of our coverage of common KIJIJI scams to watch out for. In this post we look at red flags to keep an eye on so as to avoid getting scammed.

During the cold season, the last thing you're likely thinking of is buying a motorcycle. In this post, we cover the benefits of buying in the winter.

Powersports Financing 101

Motorcycle Financing Tips

In this blog post, we cover the fallacy of "cash is king" in modern day dealers.

This blog post aims to expose the deception that many shady dealers trick buyers using guarantees and promises that they never intend to keep.

Let's face it, fees are here to stay. In this blog post, we go over the what, why and how when it comes to dealership documentation and admin fees.

If you're looking to finance a snowmobile, this blog post covers everything you need to know to ensure you're equipped to get the best option.

Powersports Gear & Accessory Guides

Powersports Gear Guide

This blog post covers some top options for gear and accessories from Amazon for your off-road pleasure.

In this blog post, we cover some of the top options for motorcycle gear that you can conveniently find on Amazon Canada.

If you're looking for snowmobile gear and accessories, look no further than Amazon Canada. This blog post outlines some top options to consider.

If you're planning to be out on the water, this post covers some of the best Amazon Canada boating finds out there that you need to consider.

Powersports Maintenance Guides

Powersports Maintenance Guide

With your mind on riding this Summer, this post outlines general maintenance tips that you'll want to consider to keep your bike in top condition.

In this post, the Fred Finds Rides content crew covers some basic ATV maintenance tips complete with a handy checklist.

If you're in the market to buy a new RV or trailer, this post covers some basic safety tips that you'll want to know.

Cleaning your ride is often one of the pleasures of ownership. In this step by step guide, we cover some tips to ensure your bike comes out sparkling.

This guide covers some essentially maintenance and preparation tips to ensure your snowmobile is ready for the snow season.

This post covers the basic, bare bones tips that brand new riders need to know to ensure safe cruising.

Powersports Trails & Routes

Motorcycle & ATV Trails and Routes

British Columbia and Alberta have some of the best sights in the entire world. In this post we cover so short rips that you'll absolutely love.

Saskatchewan and Manitoba may not be known for breathtaking scenery but away from common misconception, it is actually a motorcycle riders dream.

If you're looking to take a snowmobile trip in Alberta, this post outlines some of the top destinations that you must visit.

Saskatchewan has a plethora of fantastic snowmobile destinations to explore. In this article we cover some of the top routes to travel.

Travel, Camping & RV Life

Travel, RV & Camping Guides

Life is better on the water. In this post, we cover some of the top Alberta boating lakes that you will want to check out.

Combining camping and off-roading leads to the pinnacle of outdoor enjoyment. In this article we cover some of the best ATV campgrounds in BC.

If you're looking to explore some great ATV trails during your camping adventures in Alberta, look no further than this post to lead the way.

Saskatchewan has some hidden gems to consider when you're planning your camping trip this warm season. In this post, we cover some top options.

Manitoba is home to some of the most underrated scenery in Canada. In this post we cover some amazing campgrounds to visit and enjoy it!

Camping might not be the first thing you're thinking of during the snowy season but you may be surprised to find out that many people camp in the winter months! This article covers some great winter camping tips.

General Info & Announcements

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Whether you're a rider, or you work in the motorcycle industry, our content crew created some hilarious memes that will surely relate to you.

Partnering with the top powersports dealer in Canada was a no brainer for our team at Fred Finds Rides. Here is to a plentiful future!

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