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ATV Gear & Accessories from Amazon that You Need Now! (Updated for 2023)

Originally posted on November 24, 2022. Updated on May 14, 2023.

ATV Gear from Amazon Canada

Hello from the Fred Content Crew! With Spring in full bloom, it's the perfect time to upgrade your ATV for the riding season. We've updated our collection of top-tier ATV gear & accessories from Amazon for 2023. If you're still on the search for the perfect ATV, keep in mind that our partner has access to the best ATV financing options in Canada. They allow you to purchase from anywhere, as if you're carrying physical cash in hand. Now, let's dive into our Amazon Canada ATV Gear finds so you can hit the trails fully equipped this season!

ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet - $169.98 - Prime Shipping Available

The ILM Off Road Motorcycle Dual Sport Helmet has become an essential part of my ATV adventures. This DOT-approved helmet not only meets but exceeds safety standards, offering dual visors, including an HD enhanced wide-angle lens for increased peripheral vision and a sun visor that adjusts to protect against sudden brightness. I particularly appreciate the detachable, washable top liner and ear pads, as well as the quick-release strap for easy transitions. However, it does fit snugly, so I recommend choosing a size larger than your usual for the best fit.

The FieryRed 5500LBS Electric Winch has been an invaluable addition to my ATV setup. With a 5,500lbs pulling capacity, it delivers fast, quiet pulling power. I appreciate the easy free spooling and the durability of its construction which features a powder-coated steel fairlead and galvanized steel hook. Installation was straightforward with the included mounting brackets, although I have read from others that the brackets didn't line up on their rigs. The wireless controllers have worked flawlessly at great distances and the power of this winch (which helped me pull a sunken boat from a river) solidifies its place in my top gear list.

The Kemimoto ATV Fender Bag has proven to be a fantastic addition to my ATV gear. Crafted from water-resistant cloth, it's durable, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant - the ideal partner for my off-road adventures. I'm impressed by the generous storage space; the upper bag easily accommodates gloves, cameras, and other items, while the detachable lower bag acts as a cooler. I did need to make some minor modifications to have it secured tight and solid, but for the price this was hardly a detractor. Overall, it's an excellent value for the storage it provides without adding excessive bulk.

The Badass Moto Heavy-Duty ATV Cover is an excellent, reliable choice, offering high-performance and genuine waterproof protection. The robust elastic hems and shielded side vents provide secure fitting and superior weather protection. I appreciate the handy features like night-reflective stripes and an easy-access zipper panel. This cover has kept my ATV clean and dry, ready for action anytime, and reduced my cleaning and upkeep time. While there may be more inexpensive options, this cover has proven to be a worthy investment that's stood the test of time where others have failed.

These ROCKBROS gloves have been a perfect fit for my off-roading adventures. These gloves offer superior knuckle protection and extra gel padding for comfort, easing any discomfort or numbness during long rides. They're breathable, comfortable and even feature a touch screen support so you can use your cell phone. These gloves have demonstrated great versatility, doubling as work gloves when I have needed them. Considering their quality and performance, these gloves come highly recommended.

I'll be honest, I had low expectations when I ordered this Zmoon LED 12" Light Bar to add to my setup. I am happy to report that my initial skepticism has been met with much surprise. The light bar has proven its worth in all weather conditions, showing no sign of fogging or water intrusion. Its durability has impressed me, even when I've taken on the roughest terrains, and adjusting the light angle is effortless. It has been strong enough to give plenty of range on any trail I have ridden. Mounting was simple, although I did have to use different screws for my specific setup. All in all, for the price point, this light bar has exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and reliability.

You know, nothing goes hand in hand with off-roading like having some good tunes. That's where my JBL Flip Essential steps in. While this little beast doesn't come standard with an ATV mount, it fits perfectly in the mounted cup holder I picked up. Its design also allows it to be bungee tied or strapped easily to racks or bars. And don't let its size fool you, it pumps out some serious bass that even competes with my ATV's roar. What I love most? It's tough as nails and doesn't mind a bit of mud or water. Battery life is around 10 hours, which is pretty solid in my opinion.

This BYGD Portable Tire Inflator Air Compressor has proven to be an essential add-in for my off-roading adventures. It's straightforward to use as it plugs into the 12v light outlet. From there, set the desired PSI and it gets to work. I am quite surprised by its speed - it managed to top off all four tires in less than ten minutes! Even when dealing with a completely flat tire, it only took a few minutes to plug and inflate. In addition, the built-in LED light is a great bonus feature for unexpected nighttime situations.

I never hit the trail without a first add kit and the Oziral Compact Waterproof First Aid Kit has everything you'd need when you're faced with the unexpected. It has 142 pieces total fit into a super compact and portable design which easily fits into my rack case. The quality of the material is fantastic and the waterproofing has been resistant enough to keep the insides safe from the elements. The handle is sturdy, zipper smooth, and there's even some extra space for me to add in some of my own supplies. If you're looking for a solid first aid kit for your outdoor adventures, give this one a go.

The ITEQ T-Handle Tire Plug Kit is a must-have for any ATV adventure. This kit has proven to be quite durable as I recently had to put it to the test. The T-handle design offers great leverage, making it easy to use, and the build quality seems to be sufficient to get the job done. The kit comes in a compact, lightweight case, making it perfect for storing in my ATV rack box. If you're looking for a quality, reliable tire repair kit, I can recommend this one as a solid choice.

So there you have it, our top picks for ATV gear and accessories from Amazon that you absolutely need in 2023. Whether you're hitting the trails, working on the farm, or embarking on a thrilling night ride, these products will ensure you're prepared for any situation. Remember, the best rides are those where you're equipped with the right gear. And if you're looking for more information on being prepared for the upcoming season, check out our ATV Maintenance Checklist.

As always, thanks for reading!

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