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ATV Gear & Accessories from Amazon that You NEED Now!

Hey, it’s the Fred Content Crew! ‘Tis the season to gear up your ATV (or get your holiday wish list written up). To give you a hand we have a list of our favourite ATV accessories and gear that you need right now from Amazon. If you’re still searching for the perfect ATV, our partners at Revival Powersports can get you set up with ATV financing so you can buy from anywhere just like you have cash in hand. Lets have a look at some great finds so that you are ready to get you on the trail!

OPENROAD ATV Winch, $239.99

Half the fun of owning an ATV is getting stuck, and with this ATV winch with a rated line pull of 4500lbs, you’ll be prepared regardless of the conditions. It also includes a wireless remote that allows you to operate the winch within a 50 yard radius.

Front Rack Gear Bag, $139.99

This front rack gear bag is perfect for adding extra storage to your vehicle in an under-utilized area, but it can also be attached to your back rack if desired. It features a water-resistant design and a ton of storage and includes an additional cooler for maximum functionality.

Compact First Aid Kit, $18.99

Safety is incredibly important when enjoying your ATV, and accidents happen. Be prepared with this compact 46-piece first aid kit that’s perfect for small spaces and includes all of the essentials.

Heavy Duty Utility Knife, $15.99

At some point in your journey on an ATV, the need to cut something away from your vehicle will present itself. Keeping a heavy duty utility knife on hand can save you a lot of hassle, and this one is a great option due to its quick change blades and compact design.

12V DC Tire Inflator, $99.99

This low-key ATV accessory really shines when needed. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination and someone has a low tire. While not super fast, these little tire inflators can really save the day on your next trip.

Low Pressure Tire Gauge, $8.99

Did you know that most of your ATV tires need 5 to 7 psi in them, and most car tire gauges don’t start till 15 psi? Get yourself a low-pressure tire gauge and keep it on your ATV all the time.

Boss Audio Systems ATV Speakers, $457.99

This item is a splurge, however, if you’re going to add speakers to your ATV, it’s best to do it right. These ATV speakers feature weather-proof 1.5-Inch high performance soft dome tweeters and bluetooth audio connectivity so the party never stops.

ATV Mirrors, $32.99

Mirrors are not standard on all ATVS, and when you’re wearing your helmet (safety first!) it can be hard to constantly look behind you. ATV mirrors are great for helping you keep a better eye on your surroundings.

ATV LED Light Bar, $49.99

The lights on most ATVs are not bright enough for the early sunsets in the fall and winter, so I love a good ATV LED light bar to make the trail as visible as possible. This one is composed of 80 LED bulbs and is born to deliver ultra bright light with the perfect combination of spot beam and flood beam to enhance your visibility and safety.

What’s your favourite after-market ATV accessory? Let me know in the comments, and make sure to check out our post on ATV maintenance so you keep that ride value on the up and up!

As always, thanks for reading!

Your pal,


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