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Introducing: Fred Finds Rides KIJIJI Big Boards

We're always looking at ways to innovate here at Fred Finds Rides. Today we are excited to announce the newest update to our blog: The KIJIJI Big Board. From here you'll get access to a Google Sheet that has all of my findings that I can easily update on a weekly basis. We will start with motorcycles and work our way out to different of units as we expand on and perfect this concept. How does this impact our blog overall? Lets look!

  • There will be no more "Freds KIJIJI Finds" posts looking at 5 or 6 specific units. Instead these boards will allow for quick updates throughout the month versus writing an entire article. This means you'll see the best options pop up far more frequently and have the most up to date selection.

  • Eventually we will expand beyond KIJIJI. There are other fantastic sites out there including and even smaller resources like which offer some great options.

  • We will not be stopping at motorcycles. While we will be starting out with solely motorcycles, we will look to expand this concept further to used ATVs, trailers, boats and beyond!

  • We will eventually look beyond Western Canada. Once all of the wrinkles are ironed out we plan on adding further reach into Ontario and even into the Maritimes!

  • Our content creators will still be posting fantastic blog articles. Don't fear! We'll still be dropping posts throughout the month with general knowledge, buying tips and anything else our content team wants to create.

We look forward to expanding and building on what we believe is a diamond of a website amongst a sea of misinformation and we hope that you'll enjoy the ride! As always, thanks for reading. Your friend, Fred

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