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RV Safety Checklist for New Trailer Owners (2023)

rv safety checklist

First, let me congratulate you on the purchase of your new RV or travel trailer! I can already sense your excitement for the adventures that await you. However, before you set off, let's ensure that your RV safety is up to proper standards. Even a calm night in your driveway could present some unexpected hitches. So, I've put together a systematic, easy-to-follow checklist to ensure you're well-prepared for your journey. Let's dive in:

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  1. Visibility is Vital: Start by cleaning all your windows, mirrors, and any camera lenses. This will help you maneuver your RV with ease and avoid any potential hazards due to obstructed visibility.

  2. Inspect Connections and Locks: Go over all your hook-ups and connections. Ensure that your propane tanks, hoses, and valves are closed securely. If your RV features slide-outs, make sure they're locked and in the travel-ready position.

  3. Secure Your Appliances: Ensure all appliances are stowed properly. Change your fridge to the travel mode, double-check that your stove is turned off, and make sure the oven door is latched.

  4. Secure the Interior: Conduct a walkthrough of the RV's interior. Make sure all items inside the fridge and cupboards won't move during transit. Check that all drawers and doors are locked. Don't forget to secure any additional gas cans and propane tanks and open any exhaust vents in the toy hauler garage.

  5. Exterior Checks: Walk around the exterior of your trailer to ensure that all moving parts are secured. Confirm that steps, decks, and handrails are properly stowed. Check the roof for potential clearance issues, including antennae. Inspect the RV, tow vehicle, and hitch pins, touching each to make sure they're secure.

  6. Remove Wheel Chocks and Raise Jacks: Finally, remember to remove wheel chocks and raise all jacks and stabilizers before moving. Retrieve your leveling blocks from underneath the jacks and stabilizers. Take a moment to do one last walk-around to ensure nothing was missed.

Now, with all your safety checks complete, you're ready to hit the road with confidence! If you're seeking more insights on campgrounds or additional camping tips and hacks, check out these awesome guides: RV Winter Camping Tips & Tricks

As always, I appreciate your time in reading this. Safe travels!

Your friend,



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