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Safety Checklist for New RV & Trailer Owners (2022)

First, let me congratulate you on the purchase of your new RV or travel trailer! I know you’re eager to make new memories in your RV, but before you hit the road, it’s essential to make sure you’re prepared for your trip. Things can happen, even overnight in your own driveway, so it’s important to do a safety check before you depart with your trailer. Check out my travel safety checks below to make sure you’re ready for whatever the open road throws at you!


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  1. Clean all windows, mirrors, and cameras to ensure you have full visibility wherever you’re going! Maneuvering your RV can sometimes be tricky and visibility obstructions due to dirt and grime are preventable.

  2. Check to make sure hook-ups and connections are closed. This includes propane tanks, hoses, and valves. If your RV has slides, make sure they are locked and in their travel position.

  3. Check to make sure all appliances are stored and ready for travel. Switch your fridge to the travel setting and double check that your stove is off and the oven door is secured.

  4. Walk through the interior of the RV and make sure everything is secure. Check to make sure items inside the fridge and cupboards will not shift during transit, and make sure drawers and doors are locked. Don’t forget to secure any additional gas cans and propane tanks and open any toy hauler garage exhaust vents.

  5. Walk the exterior of the trailer and make sure any moving parts are secured. Ensure all external RV items such as steps, decks, and handrails are properly stowed and check the roof for any clearance issues including antennae. Inspect the RV, tow vehicle, and hitch pins and touch everything to make sure it’s secure and ready to go.

  6. Finally, remember to remove wheel chocks as well as raise jacks and stabilizers before pulling out. Also, remember to grab your leveling blocks underneath the jacks and stabilizers. Do a final walk around to ensure you haven’t missed anything.

Now that your travel safety checks are complete, you’re prepared for a safe and enjoyable trip! If you're looking for more information on campgrounds or other tips - be sure to check out our RV & Campers section. There are some great guides including outlines of campgrounds in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and a fantastic post on off road friendly campgrounds in Alberta.

As always, thanks for reading!

Your friend,


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