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Motorcycle Maintenance Checklist: Essential Summer Tune Up for Your Ride! (Updated for 2023)

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Hello riders! It's the Fred Finds Rides Content Crew back with another info blog, freshly updated for 2023. As the mercury rises, so does the need for diligent motorcycle maintenance. In this post, we provide a detailed rundown of routine checks to keep your motorcycle in peak condition during those sweltering summer months. If you're interested, we also have a handy ATV maintenance checklist as well as a snowmobile service and prep guide so be sure to check those out. Let's get into it!

Basic Summer Kickstart Checklist

1. Fresh Fuel Kickstart

If your motorcycle has been idle over winter, kick-start your summer rides with a fresh tank of fuel. Gasoline left unused can deteriorate over time. Use a siphon pump to remove any old gas, and then replenish the tank with some quality, fresh fuel.

2. Oil Change

Clean fuel should be accompanied by clean oil. Before hitting the road, make sure to change the oil and replace the oil filter. Regularly servicing a motorcycle with fresh oil is vital for its performance and longevity.

3. Battery Life Check

If you've disconnected your battery over winter and recharged it periodically, reconnecting it should get you ready to roll. However, if it's been sitting untouched, you might need to charge it or possibly replace it if it's several years old and struggles to hold a charge. There are some inexpensive battery testers you can find on Amazon Canada to help do the job.

4. Tire Inspection

Tires are fundamental to your ride's safety and performance. Regular motorcycle maintenance includes checking your tire air pressure and tread depth to ensure optimal traction. Look out for any cracks or rot in the sidewall and feel for any cupping on the tires as well.

5. Chain Examination

If you're riding a chain driven bike, inspect your chain weekly to ensure it remains tight and well-lubricated, as constant exposure to the elements can lead to deterioration or looseness. If necessary, clean the chain and reapply motorcycle chain lubricant.

6. Fluid Top-Up

Motorcycles depend on more than just oil and gas. Brake fluid and coolant are crucial for your ride's performance and can sometimes leak if the bike has been standing idle. Regularly check these levels and top up or replace the fluids as needed.

7. Cable Checks

Dry oil and grease in your cable housing can affect the performance of your clutch and throttle. Include inspections of your clutch, brakes, throttle, choke, and other cables in your basic motorcycle maintenance checklist to ensure they're responsive and undamaged.

8. Make that bike shine!

Finally, give your motorcycle a thorough cleaning. Not only does it enhance your ride's look but frequent cleaning also contributes to its overall working condition. For some great tips on this step, check out our guide on how to wash your motorcycle like a professional!

Motorcycle service tips

When Should You Service Your Motorcycle?

A well-maintained bike is a safe and ready-to-ride bike. Generally, change your oil as specified in your owner's manual, typically every six months or 4,000 miles. Check your chain and tire pressure prior to every ride and, at minimum, monthly. More extensive maintenance such as tuning your carburetor and flushing your cooling system may be needed every couple of years or as suggested in your manual.

Safety on the Road

This motorcycle tune-up checklist is designed to keep your bike road-ready and safe. Neglecting regular motorcycle maintenance could lead to more severe issues like engine trouble. In such cases, consult a professional. Here is a list of a few trusted, well-reviewed shops in Western Canada: British Columbia - Kelowna Area - FTW Motorcycles

Alberta - Edmonton Area - Unleashed Cycle & Sled

Saskatchewan - Saskatoon Area - R & L

Manitoba - Winnipeg Area - Innovative Cycle Following a service checklist makes the task less daunting and ensures a safe ride for you and those around you. Remember, the joy of riding comes with the responsibility of keeping your bike in top-notch condition. This summer, let's commit to that responsibility!

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