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Summer Motorcycle Maintenance Tips for Optimal Enjoyment!

Hey friends, it’s Fred! Do you know the importance of summer motorcycle maintenance? Here’s a list of things to do to keep your bike happy and healthy during the hot summer months:

  • Always check your bike’s tire pressure, fluid levels, brake hose, lights, and the kickstand daily before you hit the open road. Tire pressure should ideally be inspected when the tires are cold. For your safety, never ride with over inflated or underinflated tires!

  • If you want to keep your bike looking new and the resale value high, make sure to wash and wax your bike at least once a week. Giving your bike some TLC will help you become familiar with the condition of your ride so you can detect any problems that arise early on.

  • Don’t neglect your motorcycle chain! Make sure to check the tension and condition of your chain at least once a week (maybe after your bike gets a good wash and wax?). The chain and sprockets need to be adequately lubricated and the tension should be tested. If you don’t know the appropriate tension for your bike, reference your service manual.

  • If you’re riding your motorbike daily, the best practice is to check the oil daily! The bare minimum should be weekly, and if your oil is low, make sure to top it up as your engine is going to work harder in the heat and it will consume more oil.

  • Get up close and personal with your spark plugs, air filter, and battery at least once a month and replace them when needed. This regular maintenance will save you a ton of money and may save you from a major breakdown in the future.

Regular motorcycle maintenance is one of the most important things you can do to keep your ride looking and feeling new. If you're looking for a tune up here are a few reputable shops in your province to check out ... British Columbia - Kelowna Area - FTW Motorcycles

Alberta - Edmonton Area - Unleashed Cycle & Sled

Saskatchewan - Saskatoon Area - R & L

Manitoba - Winnipeg Area - Innovative Cycle If you’re still searching for the perfect bike, my friends at Revival Powersports can get you set up with financing or a well-maintained, like-new bike from their showroom for your next summer adventure!

As always, thanks for reading!

Your friend,


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