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The Best Amazon Boat Accessories You Can Buy for Under $30 (August 2022)

Fred here! Summer is in full force and there’s no better way to celebrate than adding some fun new accessories to your boat! Here’s a list of some of my favorite boating finds from Amazon that will make your motorboat a little bit cooler this season and won’t break the bank ...

Dropping your keys in the water might be one of the biggest fears of every boat owner. Thankfully, you can enjoy peace of mind for a mere $14.99 by adding a floating keychain to your boat keys. High visibility colors and sturdy buoyant plastic will make sure you’ll never lose your keys in the lake!

Small but mighty, this water resistant first aid kit comes with 111 pieces of medical equipment, including an emergency rescue blanket, bandages, sterile swab, scissors, and a flashlight. Perfect for any watercraft where space is a premium!

20L Dry Sack - $22.99

Made of high quality 500D PVC material, this waterproof dry bag is watertight, lightweight and durable. It’s available in five colors and also includes a practical waterproof phone dry bag.

Sometimes your passengers aren’t accustomed to life on the water and motion sickness can put a damper on an outing, so keep a pair of these Anti-nausea wristbands on hand for anyone who isn’t feeling their best. These wristbands offer a natural and safe way to combat seasickness and the universal sizing fits both adults and children.

Some of us still like to keep manual ship’s logs or maintenance logs. Others jot down blog ideas and humorous quips. Whatever your need, a waterproof notebook is the right way to go on a boat.

This pocket-sized gadget has everything you need for boating, especially if you love to fish. It includes 2 sharpening slots, a tapered diamond rod, a high pitched emergency whistle, a firestarter, and a keychain hole.

Underrated and under-appreciated, a magnetic compass should be part of every boater’s tool kit. This simple and effective compass features luminous directional markers on the 1.06 inch (27mm) diameter face for reading in low light. Use this clip-on as a backup to your fixed mount to help find the way home.

Stow rods aboard any boat with this one-piece rack made from high quality propene polymer material. It’s easy to install and keeps fishing rods in one convenient spot for easy access.

Will you be adding any of these extras to your boat this summer? Let me know in the comments below!

If you haven't already checked it out and you plan to find yourself in Alberta this Summer - I wrote an article on the best boating lakes to visit in Alberta that you might enjoy! And if you're hunting for a new craft and need a boat loan, our friends at Revival Powersports can hook you up nearly anywhere in Canada.

As always, thanks for reading!

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