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Top 5 Campgrounds in Manitoba to Visit This Summer (2o22)

Hey there, it’s your friend Fred! Did you know that Manitoba is home to more than 50 campgrounds scattered across its vast forested landscape that cater to every type of camping enthusiast? If you’ve never been to Manitoba, you’re going to love the pristine lakes and lush greenery that make up this under-rated Canadian province that’s home to some of the best beaches in Canada. To make it easy, I’m counting down my top five campgrounds in Manitoba so you can enjoy some new scenery this summer!

Celebrate summer at Winnipeg Beach and enjoy everything this full-service campground has to offer. This modern campground includes coin operated showers, a playground, and over 3km of beach to enjoy. Additionally, Winnipeg Beach has many events throughout the summer to keep you busy including a midway and multiple festivals. Other activities available include fishing, golf, tennis, volleyball, cycling and water sports such as water skiing, boardsailing and boating. - Map It

Kiche Manitou Campground is set on Oxbow lake and features 30 meter sand dunes (also known as “The Spirit Sands”), sites with multiple access options, yurts, an amphitheater, groceries and concession, swimming access, and more! If you’re interested in the history and culture of this area, be sure to see the best features of the park with a wagon ride through the Spirit Sands booked with Spirit Sands Wagon Outfitters. - Map It

Are you looking for a smaller campground that’s a bit more intimate? How about stunning waterfront lake views? Look no further than Lundar Beach Campground, located in Lundar Beach Provincial Park on the east shore of Lake Manitoba. A family friendly campground with 26 electrical and 7 basic sites, Lundar Beach will captivate you with its large swimming and beach, easily accessible hiking trails, and memorable sunsets. - Map It

West Hawk Lake was formed when a meteorite hit the earth, leaving a huge, deep crater that formed the deepest lake in Manitoba. Known for its incredibly clear water, you can enjoy everything from swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, and more. The 123 sites are generally large and suitable for tents and RVs and feature a variety of service options. The campground has two beaches and a set of docks, and is within walking distance of a few restaurants, a convenience store, museum, and a gas station. - Map It

Located on Lake Winnipeg, Grand Beach is home to one of the best beaches in North America. This campground is perfect for sun-seekers who want to relax and enjoy a beach holiday without leaving the country. Although the beach is the focal point of the park, there are other activities to keep you busy including trails, tennis, volleyball, waterskiing, boardsailing, boating, fishing and golf. The campground includes coin showers, modern washrooms, laundry, and concessions with a variety of site hookups to please any type of camper. - Map It

What’s your favorite Manitoba campground to get beachy this summer? If you’re ready to ditch your tent and get into a RV, check out my list of the best KIJIJI travel trailer finds that I posted a few days ago!

As always, thanks for reading!

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