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Top Motorcycle Finds in Western Canada by Province Listed Today! (06-12-2022)

Riding season is well upon us now and how good it feels to hit the open road and embrace the winds of freedom. If you're still looking to get yourself your first ride or planning to upgrade, I'm here to help find some options that'll hopefully fit what you're after. Today I'm mixing up my usual format and going province by province picking out a motorcycle listing from the last 24 hours from BC to Manitoba!

All of these finds are available as of writing this today - June 12th, 2022!


2016 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic


Location - Nanaimo, British Columbia

Current Asking Price - $5,600

Current Mileage - 4,500km

CBB Retail Clean - $7,000

Est. Dealer Asking - $7,499 Review


2020 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black


Location - Okotoks, Alberta

Current Asking Price - $13,500

Current Mileage - 2,317km

CBB Retail Clean - $13,500

Est. Dealer Asking - $14,999

Motodeal Video Review


2016 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited


Location - Buena Vista, Saskatchewan

Current Asking Price - $23,500

Current Mileage - 13,619km

CBB Retail Clean - $22,200

Est. Dealer Asking - $24,999 Review


2017 Indian Chieftain Limited


Location - Beausejour, Manitoba

Current Asking Price - $26,000

Current Mileage - 6,800km

CBB Retail Clean - $26,400

Est. Dealer Asking - $27,999 Review


Not a bad showing today with each province having a solid option posted in the last 24 hours. If you're going to look at shipping, check out my friends at Eagle Delivery and Trucking.

On the 2016 Vulcan in Nanaimo, BC there is a bit of customization going on so I would be sure that if there were mechanical alterations that they were done by a pro. This ride does show off well in the limited photos provided, would be worth asking for some more before making the trip to view.

The Triumph Bonneville Bobber Black is a great looking bike all around. Triumph continuously builds quality machines. Every dealer I've worked with was thrilled when I would find one to bring in. MSRP for the 2022 bobbers is listed at $15,895 on these which after the lovely dealer fees (freight, PDI, admin, etc etc etc) is definitely closer to 17k+. I'd much sooner jump on this which looks basically new with tasteful bars as an added bonus.

I know that many out there will moan at the inclusion of a Can-Am Spyder, but honestly I've ridden one and they are actually a lot of fun. This one is loaded to the nines and looks to be in great shape. Not exactly my thing, thus the Fred Factor Score, but I know how popular these are with their niche and including it here is a no-brainer.

Finally the 2017 Indian Chieftain Limited. What a beautiful bike. Low miles. Tasteful upgrades. A notoriously well-reviewed ride, the attention to detail on these bikes have to be viewed in person to be truly appreciated. I don't give out 5 Fred Heads for nothing!


As always, our opinions are our own so be sure to do your own research and ALWAYS set up a viewing prior to paying. We highly recommend getting a pre-purchase inspection or having a local mechanic with you during the viewing! If you're shopping at a dealer simply because making payments is the most affordable way for you - STOP. Dealership markup is increasing and value is getting harder to come by. We suggest checking out a used motorcycle loan broker who can set you up with financing on privately sold rides at a shorter margin than most dealers are asking.

I appreciate you visiting and, as always, thanks for reading!

Your friend,


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