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Used Motorcycles for Sale on KIJIJI - Deep Dive in British Columbia (02-09-2023)

Hey friends! Today we're going to have a look at our new KIJIJI Big Board for motorcycles in BC. I'll give you some insight as to why I chose to include them and my overall feelings. Keep in mind that I have yet to make contact with these sellers or see these bikes in person so be sure to do your due diligence before buying. There are some great tips in our 2023 Guide to Buying a Used Motorcycle so check it out. Let's get into this!

Overall there are some great options to be found in BC with a steady rotation of buys and sells throughout the weeks. It is a good time consider buying as I don't expect the market to keep up with the demand when the mountain passages open up as top choices for rides. Keep in mind that our sponsor partners at Revival Powersports can provide motorcycle financing on any of these rides as well if you're looking to take on payments versus an up front cost. Here is a look at the current options on the board and my thoughts:

2019 Harley Davidson Tri-Glide (Trike) - 1,320 KM - $39000

This one is a real beauty and nearly new. OEM trikes are a hot commodity come riding season and are harder to come by as they aren't produced as heavily as other models. If you can manage to find a new 2023 you'll be looking to pay in the neighborhood of 50k plus out the door after all is said and done. I'd personally take the five figure discount.

2022 Harley Davidson Heritage Classic 114 - 1,850 KM - $24900

Another new versus used situation where you can save a couple of thousand from buying at a dealership. Local dealer pricing is in the neighborhood of 28k out the door. If this one shows as nice as it does in the photos, I would be taking the discount on a near new ride.

2017 Harley Davidson Street Glide Special 107 - 12,500 KM - $24000

A very nice lookin ride with some decent upgrades both add-ons and in the "special" feature pack. I'd personally look to sell that mismatched tour-pack and get a few hundred back. Specials with double the mileage have been pushing the 26k mark at dealers so finding a clean lookin' bagger with minimal mileage and saving a few grand is a plus to me.

2013 Harley Davidson Road King 103 (Turbo) - 14,000 KM - $15000

I'll be honest - I usually steer clear of turbos. That being said, given the other upgrades I get the feeling this was all professionally done and as such is a very nice deal seemingly. Be careful, however, as they did drop the price almost $3,500 since posting which gives me a bit of pause. Ask questions and do your due diligence.

2018 Harley Davidson Road King FLHR - 25,839 KM - $18000

Another nice looking Road King with fair mileage. Lacking in add-ons but still a stout value if you're in the market for a newer model year and the ad indicates they are open to offers. I would shoot for $17,000 and ask for some better pictures of the small scratches to ensure they aren't indications that its been dumped.

2013 Honda Goldwing F6B Deluxe - 38,000 KM - $16500

Full disclosure - I love the Honda Goldwing. In my opinion, they are the primo balance as far as price point, comfort and reliability. Honda has always made a superior motorcycle engine that can easily trump well over 100,000km if maintained properly. New tires, brakes, filters and fluids is a major plus. In addition, the note of being a "motivated seller" says "make me an offer".

2016 Harley Davidson Softail Slim S 110 - 28,000 KM - $16500

Featuring the powerhouse Screamin' Eagle 110, this ride sets up nice. The bars are a bit much for my tastes but I know a lot of people out there love this style and they do not come cheap. Mileage is okay, but could be better for the price. If you are in the "Bulkley-Nechako" area, it may be worth a look but I wouldn't necessary go out of my way for it.

2014 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited - 25,000 KM - $14500

I'm not a fan of these but I know there is a market for them. That said, I will keep it short - this price is a very good one if it checks out in good shape as compared to what you would be paying at a dealership. Plain and simple.

2017 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail - 15,900 KM - $14500

Let me guarantee you that there is zero chance you would find this deal in July. The bike shows beautifully in the pictures and has a couple of decent upgrades. Even at the firm price, you'll be saving thousands over what a dealer would be charging for something similar.

2009 Harley Davidson Road King Classic - 35,982 KM - $12500

It is a little bit older and the miles are getting up there but the price is set right on this one compared to what you'll find elsewhere. Anything with higher mileage is worth asking about maintenance records, where service was done, and of course - a discount.

2015 Yamaha FJR 1300ES - 34,750 KM - $12000

This FJR makes the cut based on the price being extremely fair and them being notoriously stout for reliability. I don't expect a great salesman on the other side of this one given the context of the ad. As an aside, I absolutely despise when people put things like "don't ask if it is available" in their listing. You're posting on KIJIJI, deal with it. Nobody is reading your paragraph-long dribble about what to do and not to do when you respond. If you can't deal with tire kickers and the like, maybe consign your ride and let the pros handle it. Anyways, rant over, this is a good option if it fits what you are looking for.

2010 Harley Davidson Street Glide - 48,097 KM - $11500

This is a decent price for a good lookin ride. I love the retro feeling color scheme on these and am partial to them as I owned a 2009 for a number of years. Of course ask to see some better pics of the flaws before spending the time to go look. It's not really a "steal" as they imply but the OBO means that it could be a fair deal.

2014 Yamaha FJR 1300 ES - 41,324 KM - $10500

Another FJR has made the list. In my opinion - the red color scheme kind of makes it look frumpy. Nevertheless, as mentioned before these have a solid reputation and this comes with a number of good options for the price. As an added bonus, you can read the listing without getting a lecture on how to reply to the ad. I would definitely look this direction before the previously mentioned FJR if you're in the market.

2009 Kawasaki Concours ABS - 36,931 KM - $8300

A budget friendly option if you're looking for a ride that is both great for inner city and medium distance touring. Not a ton of information to go off of in the ad but it shows fair. Get some better pictures of the rear tire and take that cost into account when making an offer.

2017 Moto Guzzi V7iii Stone - 13,800 KM - $6500

I'll start by saying I really do love the product that Moto Guzzi has delivered. They have some perfect rides for daily commute that come at price points which don't break the bank. Aside from the mickey mouse mirrors, this is a good looking bike with fair miles and a decent price.

2018 Honda Rebel 500 - 6,000 KM - $6000

One of the best starter bikes out there. This will save you a couple thousand in comparison to buying from the big dealers. Honestly, you're going to want to upgrade after a season or two learning to ride with this so you may as well get a deal on it. They also hold fair enough value so you likely aren't taking a major depreciation risk.

That's all the used motorcycles we've found in British Columbia worth mentioning since our last update. The Big Board will be updated on a weekly basis so keep an eye out as rides come and go. Bookmark it for the best results. We'll follow up with thoughts on Alberta and then the barren market of Saskatchewan and Manitoba so keep an eye out!

And of course, thanks for reading along! Your friend,


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