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Fred Finds Rides - Official Blog Partner of Revival Powersports!

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Today is a great day for! We're happy to be able to announce that our little blog has officially partnered with the team at Revival Powersports. The team there has been beyond helpful in getting our website set up and providing much of the backend kick that we simply didn't have experience with when starting up.

Here is a breakdown of what we expect this partnership to mean to us ...

Buyers Guide Updates

Our plan is to have our buyers guides keep improving to provide the most useful information possible. We're working with Revival Powersports to have their payment calculator incorporated so that you can have a first hand idea of what financing would look like.

revival powersports fee calculator

Content Updates

Our content crew will be working with Revival Powersports on ideas and information for blog posts. Currently we are in discussion with a number of great concepts including outlining how to avoid scams, inside baseball on how powersports sales and financing really works and explanation of different fees. We'll constantly be looking for engaging topics to share and I know they are excited to expose some honest truths about the industry in hopes of improving for the future.

Other Fun Stuff

Having this partnership allows us to grow and utilize on their marketing and backend skillset to further enhance what we do here. We're already bouncing ideas back and forth on how we can incorporate different concepts and ideas. That will only expand from here. We look forward to growing both individually and together moving forward!

The Future is Bright! Thank you all for reading and being a part of our journey.

Your Friend, Fred

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