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The link below will open the Revival Powersports Private Sale Calculator. Revival Powersports provides approvals for those looking to buy outside of dealerships off of KIJIJI, Facebook or anywhere else that accepts cash. This calculator is intended to give you an idea on costs and payments when financing any of Freds Finds through Revival Powersports.


1. Click the link below to open the calculator in a new tab or window.

2. Enter the "Private Sale Price", the price from the classified ad.

3. The full price including fees shows as "Sale Price with Revival Powersports Fees"

4. Adjust the "Interest Rate %" slide to match your approval or the rate you think you qualify for.

5. Adjust the "Term Length" slide to the number of years you wish to take the loan

6. The "Biweekly Payment Estimate" quote is an all-in pricing estimate including fees. This is the only calculator that I have seen that actually includes all lending fees in the quote.

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