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The BEST Places for Sledding in Alberta

Hey everyone, it’s the Fred content crew back with another awesome guide! Are you ready for snowmobile season? Today I am counting down my top five places in Alberta to get the winter whip out and have some fun! If you’re still looking for a snowmobile to add to your snowy activities this year, why not check out our partners at Revival Powersports - they will get you set up with snowmobile loan quickly and easily so that you don't waste any of this awesome season. Let’s go!

Sunset at Crowsnest Pass in Alberta by Emin Cavalic Getty Images

Near the foothills of the Canadian Rockies lies Crowsnest Pass. The breathtaking views are accentuated with nearly 1200 km of maintained trains and 200 km of groomed trails that meet every skill level. Featuring mountain adventures and varying terrain, you can also enjoy five communities along the pass that offer fuel stations, accommodations, and sled-friendly restaurants.

The Golden Triangle is often referred to as the quintessential snowmobile experience in Alberta, and I couldn’t agree more! This famous sledding region is situated between Whitecourt, Fox Creek and Swan Hills and offers over 480 km of trains that are groomed and maintained by a very active local club. Featuring something for all riding levels, The Golden Triangle is made special by the town of Whitecourt which is a snowmobiling capital and one of the few towns that allow you to ride your sled through town on your way to a trail.

Canadian Rockies - Kananaskis Village Alberta - yvesgagnon1974 Getty Images via Canva

Nestled 80 km south of Calgary, the Kananaskis region is a great riding option for beginner and intermediate sledders. Featuring a long network of maintained trails just west of Longview, Cataract Creek and Etherington Creek, this area can get very popular on snowy weekends given its close proximity to Calgary.

Athabasca is well known for being an outdoor haven year-round. In the winter, the town becomes a hot spot for snowmobilers and winter enthusiasts. The area proudly offers an extensive network of trails for all riding levels including 300 km of groomed track west of Baptiste Lake with gorgeous hills, river valleys, and forests.

Alberta is one of the top places in Canada to snowmobile. Supply is said to be short this season so if you’re shopping, be sure to get set up for a new or used snowmobile while you still can! We also recently dropped a snowmobile maintenance and prep guide so check that out if you're just getting going. Happy trails!

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