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Top 5 Scenic Rides in Saskatchewan & Manitoba Under 400km

Here at Fred’s Finds, I’m not just looking for the best deals on bikes - I’m looking for the best experiences too! Saskatchewan and Manitoba are at the heart of Canada’s Prairies, and they present an amazing opportunity to experience endless skies and a true feeling of open road.

Get ready to ride with me and enjoy the top 5 scenic rides in Saskatchewan and Manitoba under 400km!

5. Moose Jaw Old Wives Lake Loop

Get ready for open skies and fields of gold on this route in Saskatchewan that comes in at around 250km. While there aren't a lot of noteworthy stops, the skyline is endless and breathtaking. Start in Moose Jaw and head south towards Gravelbourg, and then up north to Shamrock, and east to Old Wives and back to Moose Jaw. Keep your eyes peeled for the Snowbirds who commonly practice at the airbase along hwy 2.

4. Stonewall Dust Bowl

From Winnipeg up to Stonewall, through Selkirk, and back to Winnipeg, this short 125km ride can get a little dusty depending on the time of year, so make sure you have a bandana on hand. Don’t worry though - any cruiser should be able to handle it, and you’re going to see some amazing views of the Red River on your drive through! Bring your camera for lots of photo opportunities of classic farm country throughout.

3. Regina to Yorkton

A fairly straightforward route, Regina to Yorkton clocks in at around 190km and gets its appeal from scenic farmland and an interesting stop in Fort Qu’Apelle about halfway through. Originally a Hudson’s Bay trading post, this small town has a lot of history and a few great restaurants to stop for lunch. A personal favorite of mine is Marine Family Restaurant and Bar where you can get a little of everything, which is definitely my style!

2. Winnipeg to Gimli

This Manitoba ride is all about the final destination and is an easy 90km. Start in Winnipeg and head north to Gimli, a rural town on the edge of Lake Winnipeg. Best visited in August, Gimli is home to the Icelandic Festival of Manitoba, which you won’t want to miss. If you’re visiting outside of the festival, the road to Gimli offers stunning big sky and lakeside views that you won’t soon forget at the Gimli Harbor.

1. Winnipeg to West Hawk Lake

This route should appeal especially to touring riders who also like to camp. At around 160kms, this route takes Hwy 1 directly to West Hawk Lake, which is a granite-surrounded lake with beaches, camping, and swimming. You can make a loop out of it and enjoy the scenery back by taking Hwy 44 through Rennie. This ride does require a park pass, so make the most of it and spend a weekend at West Hawk Lake Resort if you’re not into camping.

The prairies are calling - will you answer? If you’re ready to hit the open road but aren't set up yet - there are some great deals out there on KIJIJI that can get you into a new-to-you ride faster than you can spell Saskatchewan. Check out The Cycle Guys for some filters that are pre-set so you can search quick and easy. Happy travels!

Thanks for reading!

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