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The TOP Snowmobile Trails in Saskatchewan

Hey everyone, it’s the Fred content crew back again! Are you ready for snowmobile season? Today I’m counting down my top five places in Saskatchewan to enjoy your sled this winter and have some fun! If you’re still looking for a sled to add to your winter activities this year, why not check out our partner Revival Powersports to hook you up? They stock serviced used sleds and offer snowmobile financing so you can shop as a cash buyer from anywhere. Now lets get to the list!

Candle Lake

With over 350 expertly-maintained trails, Candle Lake is one of the top-maintained sled spots in Saskatchewan. Nestled in a resort community, there are numerous warm-up shelters and a lot of the trails teeming with wildlife.


Yorkton is an incredibly snowmobile-friendly city as sledders are able to ride their snowmobiles right into town, and there are two trails that directly extend into town limits. Featuring 400 kilometers of groomed trails and multiple warm up shelters at regular intervals, Yorkton is one of my favourite places to ride!

Hudson Bay

Known for its consistently deep and fresh snow until April as well as over 650 km of well-maintained trails, Hudson Bay is well known for being one of the top sledding spots in Saskatchewan. Hudson Bay also offers 16 modern warm-up stations for your comfort, so make sure to check it out!

Porcupine Plain

Featuring well-groomed trail networks, Porcupine Plain is central for the Northeast and connects to all the other trails in the area so you can enjoy a day trip in and out of the area. The local sledding club keeps the trails in top condition so this location is a real treat for avid sledders.

North Battleford

North Battleford features some of the top warm up shelters in Saskatchewan with wood burning stoves, solar panels, and battery powered lights. Featuring the second largest snowmobile trail system in Saskatchewan, North Battleford allows you to enjoy over 450 km of groomed terrain including plains and boreal forests, and is a great option for sledders looking for variety!

Saskatchewan is a sledder’s dream but if you're expanding beyond we did just drop another post outlining some great article on snowmobiling in Alberta. In addition we have an awesome snowmobile maintenance guide posted recently so be sure to check that out! As always, thank you for the read.

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