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Must-Have Snowmobile Accessories from Amazon

Hey all, it’s the Fred Content Crew!

Snowmobile season is upon us and there’s nothing better than ripping through fresh powder on your first ride. In case you missed it - we posted some of the best trails in Alberta and Saskatchewan so check them out! We also gave a checklist on snowmobile maintenance for your convenience. And convenience is important, so I’ve curated a list of snowmobile accessories from Amazon that you’re going to love this winter that will make your ride more enjoyable.

Carry more gear with this tank top saddlebag, featuring durable zippered compartments and an insulated exterior pocket that holds up to a 1 liter water bottle. The self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners are included to optionally secure the bag to the sides of the gas tank.

Get out of deep snow this season with this compact and durable nylon tow strap. Featuring one 14′ long strap with hooks and a 9’6″ long strap with loops to pull, this tow strap is a great addition to your winter gear.

Heated Gloves, $139.99

Made with warm and lightweight 3M Thinsulate cotton which helps trap your body's heat while allowing moisture to escape, these heated gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm in cold temperatures. These gloves are waterproof, breathable, and non-slip and feature three heating levels from 95-140°F. As an added bonus, they also include touchscreen thumb and index finger technology allowing you to use your phone or tablet without removing the gloves.

Keep extra gas on hand for longer rides with this LinQ Jerry Can that attaches with LinQ brackets. Fits REV-XM, REV-XS, REV-XP except GTX, Grand Touring, REV-XR, REV-XU Tundra 2008 and up.

The trail gets loud, but with this helmet communication system, you can share the riding experience and enjoy conversation with up to 2 riders talk at one time at an intercom range of 1200 meters. The Lithium Ion battery provides up to 15 hours music stream, 8 hours talk time, and 300 hours standby time that keep you all day entertainment.

What’s your favorite after-market snowmobile accessory? Let me know in the comments, and make sure to check out our snowmobile dealer partner at Revival Powersports so you can get set up to hit the trails this winter!

As always, thanks for reading!

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